Peer Learning Relationships

What is Peer Learning?

Peer Learning simply means learning from someone who is similar to you.  Peer learning relationships are based on the concept of mutual and reciprocal helping between two or more people of a comparable status and who share a common or closely related learning or development objective from learning how to deal with relationship problems to finding out how to drive traffic to your website.  Unlike traditional mentoring, peer-to-peer learning and support is characterised by its non-hierarchical status, there is no expert.

Peer Learning partnerships are becoming increasingly popular because they are seen as an effective and viable alternative to other forms of traditional expert-led learning methods.  Not only are the costs involved with forming peer learning partnerships much lower if any at all, there are a range of benefits linked to learning from a peer:

  1. they facilitate personal and professional growth
  2. help to build interpersonal and intra-personal skills such as communicating, sharing and presenting ideas, listening to others and learning to listen and trust self.
  3. they build confidence and increases self-value as you learn more about your own strengths and work through your weaknesses in a supportive non-hierarchical environment.
  4. enables you to problem-solve specific areas you are facing with people who currently have tried, tested or implemented these ideas
  5. increases motivation and fosters accountability
  6. equips you to build strong bonds and alliances for the future

Peer-learning need not be carried out in a face-to-face setting, there are so many ways to build beautiful mutual distance relationships if the parties involved are honest and motivated in their desire to gain the fruit of the relationship.

I know first-hand the benefit of being mentored, I am just coming out of a period of 6 weeks of spiritual mentoring which has helped me immensely.  God has given me a heart to help others grow in their ministry and business and a vision of how this might occur, one of these is through helping people find and build strong and effective peer learning partnerships.

Peer-Learning  List

The List is a collection of Christians wishing to join peer-learning partnerships of various kinds.  It contains information such as what you are looking for (needs) and what your own strengths are (skills, knowledge, experience offered), as well as finding out whether your preference is distance or face-to-face partnerships.  There is no charge for you to add your details to the list, there is a £5 fee for sending details of up to 3 other people who match your needs criteria (this is not-charged until you are matched) .  If you would like to more about how to find, start or build a peer-learning relationship  or more information about the list and how it works please use the form below and I will get back in contact with you.


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