About this blog

love the Lord your God with all your heartGod wants to equip His people for ministry but somewhere along the line the truth of what ministry is and what we see everyday in our churches and on TV has warped the reality of this holy calling.  My hope is to address the issues that separate those who want their ministry to be God-breathed and those who just want to start a ministry.

Please don’t think I have all the answers or any of the answers, but I do want one thing, for my ministry to be God-breathed.  So, I am really looking for like-minded people who share this vision and don’t mind if it hurts to get there.  This is a place for you and me to grow in God’s wisdom, knowledge and understanding and to come face-to-face with God in our ministry.

If you would like to contribute any posts/articles then please use the Contact form  and I will get back to you.

About Me

My name is Florence but I prefer my Igbo name Achama, because of its meaning (to shine brightly).  I love God because He has given me life, it’s my desire to help others find that life and light so in my own little way I try to help those who have been broken like me in my personal blog, ministry site and Kingdom business.  When you take all three of these aspects together plus of course this site you get a good impression of who I am in Him.

Love and peace in Messiah.


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