Thoughts on re-evaluating life purpose

I’ve been thinking, I mean really thinking… thinking about myself, my life, what I have to offer and what I have to give.  On my last post I was told that I had no clear vision, I both agree and disagree.  Actually God gave me my vision this year, something very simple yet so deeply profound to me that it almost takes my breath away.  It’s not just a vision for me but a vision for all of God’s children which is about entering into His Peaceful rest (Shabbat Shalom).

A place of peace

God has created a place of rest and peace for us all

I am taken back to the recent article that I wrote on being On-Purpose, and I ask myself am I being ‘On-purpose’ with my moments of being?  I have come to a few realisations:

  1. Just because I can, it doesn’t mean I should – I feel best when I’m busy, so I try to make myself busy with ‘good things’ such as trying to help others.  But in my busyness I take myself out of my God-given purpose, I use my time the way that I think it should be used and not the way in which God wants me to use it – bad move.
  2. I’ve been spreading myself too thinly – it’s hard to be everything to everyone and if I’m honest with myself and God that’s what I’ve been trying to do.  I do thank Paula Millar for making me think as she has put it, it has been affective in doing that – so if you want someone who will challange you and make you think try Paula.  I am not a fountain of knowledge, the only knowledge I have is the knowledge that God has given me to fulfill my calling and destiny.  My energy is best served focusing on the tasks that are most relevant to this.
  3. It’s OK to have times of stillness and quietness – notice how I say stillness and quietness.  For those of you who know me from my other blog, you know that God has been taking me through a lot of healing body, soul and spirit.  Everyday I learn new areas that God wants to make whole. He is making me more self-aware and although a very painful process absolutely necessary for the work He has called me to do which is to help those who are broken enter into His Shabbat Shalom.  Ironically, I like to be busy because it keeps my mind from uncovering old wounds, like a defense mechanism I guess but it is counter-productive.  My challange is to allow myself to rest (be still and be quiet) so that not only can the ground that I will work be prepared but so that I will be too.  Stillness is about not moving, not pushing, not working and not striving and quietness is about gentleness, softness and a decreased pace in our work.  I have a recent testimony on this that I would like to share, go to the end for the link.
  4. It’s OK to change and adapt – I think most people have a fear of change, it makes us uncomfortable because we feel lost at sea and it makes others feel uncomfrtable because it makes us more unpredictable in their eyes.  But actually change and adapting to change is necessary, because we may need to alter our footsteps to find and come once more on the path that  God has set out for us and as we grow and walk more in God’s wisdom this will inevitably cause more change in and around us.  Staying the same due to fear and complacency is not safer it is dangerous, so godly change is good – read my previous post on godly change.

Someone once called me a visionary, visionaries tend to have loads of ideas some big, some small (definitely me) they get excited by every single one of their ideas and end up starting something without finishing it (ouch, me again).  But again those of you who know me from my other blog are aware that the word God gave me a keyword moving into this year which was and is Perseverance.  He gave me the word that I most needed to persevere in lol.  🙂

So do I think it’s important to have a vision and a purpose?  Definitely, but the journey to receiving and walking in both is a process of listening, obeying and learning.  Being On-purpose is the most difficult thing any of us will ever have to do, it takes a lot of soul-searching, a  lot of brutal honesty and a lot of courage.  We might all want to be there but the reason why so many of us don’t acheive it is because of the harsh reality of the journey.  I know that people will disagree and that’s OK, I don’t need acceptance because this is the truth of what I have been learning and experiencing ever since I fell ill in 2008 and God picked me  back up to plant me once more on the narrow way.

So I have decided now that I will only write what God wants me to write about (thanks Paula) which is how we can receive the vision of entering into His Restful Peace or Peaceful Rest (Shabbat Shalom) and walking in it.  This blog will focus mostly on acheiving this from a work perspective whether it’s in employment, business or ministry.  I’ll say now that I don’t know how frequently I’ll post as I want to be 101% led by the Holy Spirit in this so I don’t fall into anymore ‘me traps’.  I know that there are a lot of people who need to experience the reality of this vision so I want to share my testimony and this video on what it means to have fullness of life to get us all on the same page.  I would also like to apologise to anyone who is looking forward to the remaining series on promoting your blog/website, although I will still complete this in time (and would love guest bloggers to contribute) it is not my main focus.

Reflective Questions:

  1. Has God given you a revelation of who you are and why you are?  (Dear friend, I truly believe that this is different from what you feel you should be doing or how you think you should be behaving – finding our essence is all an aspect of the revelation of the vision).
  2. Based on the revelation of the vision, is your day-to-day work mostly on or off purpose?
  3. Are you aware of the areas in your life that prevent you from receiving and entering into the fullness of the vision?

Shalom in Him



6 thoughts on “Thoughts on re-evaluating life purpose

  1. Your awareness is a good start. I think that God has given you the revelation of this peace because you have needed this yourself. Peace is not a Vision. It is part of the fruits of the spirits which we all need to access. These are emotional tools, love, peace, joy, goodness, kindness, patience, tolerance, that we will need to make it for where he is sending us. God works in many ways.I do tend to think that I don’t just show up in someone’s life. It is a good thing you have choosen to focus on one thing but God didn’t want to make monks of us and send our time in a vacuum of silence seeking peace.. This may be the door way to your vision. I’m not arguing that many people would benefit from your focus on peace. I believe God has an order and yet when it comes to our souls he has to deal with what needs to be managed first. With me it was not peace. It was staying alive from and endure until he could heal me more from a life long very rare eating disorder, belligerant bulmia. The whole body hardens itself. Then I had a terrible anger problem. It took years to get this under control. I then finally received peace. Now he is working on having me trust him as a man. Lots of rapes an molestations in my life. He had made sure that I know He is my spiritual holy husband and his attentions to me as a godly husband are his amazing beauty and nothing like the attentions of men. He is healing the part of me as a women that was so wounded by men. I grew up in the 60’s- 70’s with a Catholic mind set and men of that time thought they had a right to free love. I married a man who was trying to manipulate me into open marriage and sex with his friends. Just one example of why I don’t trust men.
    So pace yourself. There is much he wants for us and he ask much of us.

    Here is the key to sanity for me. When I got my Vision amazing clarity started to come. I knew when there was a path that I shouldn’t go down because it in no way lined up. . It’s here that you know how to act and what to take action on.Then all these side line ideas and concepts showed up. I’m like God! I have no money how am suppose to do these and are they really aligned? There is a software company that will help Christians in catostrophic events, a veggie box that would allow anyone on a buget ( the earth box advertised cost 60$ for one box!) to grow a garden, there is a banking concept for Christian.. I finally got a word that said when you are well I will blow upon on the seed you have given me and there will be enough to manage all that I have requested of you.. I also got a word about that there is a time when he will bring you all these prosperious ideas and I realized this is what he was doing.
    See when we are in a vision there is a time of preparation. Wait though it tarries, the bible says. He is still training us.

    For me it’s no mistake that I feel in my spirit to teach you. You are the first women to complete an email series about the Bridegroom Revelation. Most of the body of Christ has no idea about this revelation yet. This is the bride mystery that Paul taked about. This is the best wine saved for last. You are for me a daughter of Zion that he is going to raise up to speak in your comely voice, his beauty. You are very preious in His site daughter. Now you go pray to him about that.

    Blessings and Love
    Paula Mary

    1. Hi Paula,
      Shalom is more than peace it is the fullness, completeness and wholeness of God, when we put Shalom and Shabbat (divine rest) together we enter into a new dimension of reality where God brings us fullness of life simply through meeting Him in His rest. For me this is all the beauty there is because from this truth comes the liberty and the power, courage, strength and anointing to find who you are in Him and just be. This is a vision it’s ok if no one else sees it that’s why God chose me to receive it. At the moment you see the birthing but the reality is already forming and taking place, God wants to set captives free, really free and in His own good time there will be fruit.

      1. It’s hard to see ahead when you are standing where you are. It’s is not all the beauty that God has to show us and I’m alittle surprised you said this given you have done the email course. Yes, God died for us to have peace and peace is just the door way to enter into his course. You have to go to the cross and I always try to do this.. Florence, Christ died to bring us the beauty of the bridegroom. The whole point to all of our exsistance is so that the Son of God could have a bride. If you don’t get this than I don’t know what it is that you absorbed from doing the class. This is the mystery of the Bride that Paul talked about being revealed and if you can’t believe this I am told to defer to the prophesy out of Christ mouth that the unknown women who anointed his head with oil would be revealed at the end to times. This has been revealed now and to you personally. It was Mary his mother, See Song of Songs Chap 3 vs11. His mother crowned him on the day of his espousal, on the day of his betrothal with gladness in his heart. Solomon being anointed by his mother was the shadow and type of the anointing of his mother to come upon the bridegroom..This is what John the bastist was referring to when he said his joy was now complete because he had heard the voice of the bridegroom. This is what Christ was referrring to when he told the pharisess that that the diciples couldn’t fast because they were in the “bridechamber” with him. They only place bridechamber is mentioned is in the Song of Songs. This poetry was the down load to the purity and beauty of Our bridegrooms beauty.. If we walk the path of the Shulamite which is purity ( then I was one who found favor in His eyes) and come into this purity and closer to being spotless before the rapture then we are what the bible is referring to when it speaks about being a bride “prepared.” We are still not made spotless until the moment of rapture the bible tells us..Your thrust may be to preach God’s peace and I guess it us because you don’t have the the eyes to see or the ears to hear yet I guess this astounding beauty being revealed and this is where God wants all of us to be. God has a garden for us and it is in the Song of Songs. This is where we begin to feed on his fruits and his beauty and I have to disagree that while peace is a beautiful thing there is no comparison to being feed the manna of the lilly of the valley or the rose of sharron by the holy ghost. Seek the extra oil spoken of in the parable of the 10 virgins.. The first five had “Some” oil, meaning the holy ghost but there was a 2nd oil that God told moses to make, a most holy oil made from incense. You have the extra oil already with in you and you have to seek the holy spirit in side of you to reveal this. Since you don’t really get this revelation it makes no sence to have any furth conversation on the subject because I have no intention of strife around this conversation of the most beautiful beauty ever created, our bridegroom Jesus Christ. I sugggest you read over the emails again.

        Blessings and Love
        Paula Mary

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