Tips and tools for promoting your christian blog or website (part 1): The Advantage of Tribes

This is a series of posts that will specifically look at ways for Christian business owners and bloggers to promote and grow on and offline.  The first in this series is a guest post by Pastor Sherry on a form of advertising called Tribe Syndication Association or TSA.  As a member of a tribe, Pastor Sherry is in a strategic position to share more about Tribe Syndication and how Believers can use the theory behind it to grow.

The Advantage of Tribes
By Pastor Sherry

God is a God of variety!  We can see that in all His created works – the birds, the flowers, the stars, and in each human.  He works with each person in our individually journey, and leads us from where we are to where He wants us to be.

His purpose for us is not only to be who He created us to be, but to also share that creation with others.  As He leads us we learn of Him, and can share those lessons with others.  We’re not all on the “same page.”  We are not learning the same lessons at the same time, nor in the same way.  But the way God leads each of us can be beneficial to others of His children.  We may be sharing on the same topic, but each of us will share it differently, according to our own experience and expertise.  Someone may resonate with our message when they cannot another’s.  That makes each of our voices valuable in God’s kingdom.

As children of God who blog, we each have something to say for Him that can touch the hearts of others.  And in this world of internet and blogging, it’s easy to give to others the message God has given us.  Write it and click “upload/publish” – that’s all we need to do!

But that very ease creates a glut of online information.  There is soooo much “out there,” that those who need to hear God’s message through us may never find our site.

Businesses have developed the idea of “tribes”.  We usually think of “tribes” as being an ethnic group of people, and so they can be.  But they can also be religious, economical, or any other division of people., in describing Seth Godin’s book Tribes: We Need You To Lead Us, describes tribes as “any group of people, large or small, who are connected to one another, a leader, and an idea.”

An online business “tribe” can vary in approach, requirements, and training, but at the heart of any of the tribes I’ve seen is the commitment to read and comment on each other’s blogs, as well as “syndicate” them – that is, share the blogs of tribe members on your own personal social media sites (FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.).  Why?

Have you ever written a blog post, clicked the “upload/publish” and waited for someone to respond … and waited … and waited … finally realizing that perhaps your blog site doesn’t rank high enough in SEO to be noticeable to any others except your mother and your closest friends?  Your message may be written well, it may have valuable content, but unless it can get “out there” to where people are wanting and needing to read what you’ve written, it may get lost in cyberspace.

Enter tribes.

Cover of "Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us&...
Cover of Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us

I’ve been part of an online marketing tribe (TSA – Tribe Syndication Association) for nearly two years now.  It’s a great tribe with great people, and generates many blog comments for each post I write.  The requirements for this particular tribe are strict.  There are 50+ active participants on the spreadsheet (TSA also has a Facebook component), and each week we are divided into groups of five or six.  During that week we read, comment, and syndicate the blogs in our group, as well as a few others, and our group does the same for us.  We are required to get 50 “counter points” per week to stay on the spreadsheet (comments count for five points; syndicates are one each).

While I love TSA and have learned tremendously from my fellow bloggers, the tribe topic is internet marketing, and as a ministry, many of these blogs are not appropriate for my audience so I don’t syndicate them, nor are some of the tribe members comfortable with my topics (syndication is done only if the blog fits one’s audience).  I’ve looked for a Christian blogging tribe, but none seemed very active.  So I’ve created one!

At this point the tribe is just beginning.  Blogging For God is on Facebook, and is for authors and bloggers who write on various topics, but with a God-perspective.  Not only overtly spiritual topics are accepted, but other topics are also welcome as long as the author is writing from a God-perspective.  The purpose of this tribe is for all of us to reach a wider readership base by:
1.    Promoting our own content with those who will further promote it
2.    Reading, commenting, and syndicating others’ content (without which the tribe is useless)

At this point I’m only asking one informal requirement, gleaned from TSA’s Facebook component:  Read, Comment, and Syndicate (if you feel comfortable syndicating the post) at least three other people’s blogs before posting your own blog.  Make the comments more than “Nice post,” but say something substantial and worth saying – engage!! : )

One person who blogs may not reach many people.  But by banding together and sharing each others’ content, we can blog God’s messages to thousands and hopefully eventually millions, enriching their lives, and leading people to Him.

Come join us!  Click Blogging For God to access the Facebook group.

Author Bio:
Pastor Sherry’s passion is equipping God’s people with knowledge and tools for experiencing a higher walk with God through her online ministry Reach For The Summit.  She has been an elementary teacher, an associate pastor, and has experience as a chaplain.  Currently in addition to her online ministry, she teaches part-time in the college religion department of a distance education university.  Her website is, and her blog can be found at


13 thoughts on “Tips and tools for promoting your christian blog or website (part 1): The Advantage of Tribes

  1. Great article you shared here. I’ve been building a “tribe” on my blog for about two years now. Slow and steady… I’ve been reaching out to women who are living in a spiritually mismatched marriage or know others who do. Guest blogging and hosting other Christian authors has helped to build an audience and court potential readers.

    Thanks for sharing Pastor Sherry’s thoughts on this. God bless…

    1. Hi Deborah,

      I really enjoyed visiting your blog and website, you have definitely been busy and proactive in furthering the reach of your message. Thanks also for following my blog I am following you back, I hope that we can be a blessing to one another. If you can please consider signing up to Pastor Sherry’s TSA group.

  2. Great idea. I’m the author of THE BIPOLAR EXPRESS: One Christian Woman’s LIfe Journey In The Company Of A Child With Bipolar Disorder And Asperger’s Syndrome. I blog to increase awareness of mental/intellectual disabilities and to help parents understand they are not alone with their feelings and frustrations. My website/blog is

  3. DailyOffertunity launched and was essentially “born” on Christmas of 2010. DO is the world’s first and largest Christian-based site promoting merchant offers of up to 90% on unique products and services to its members. We give 10% of our proceeds to the ministry of the consumer’s choice.

    DailyOffertunity donates 10% of their proceeds to the ministry or nonprofit organization designated at the time of purchase. The consumer receives the largest discount available, the business enjoys the patronage, and the community benefits from DailyOffertunity’s charitable contributions. “…for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken.”-Ecclesiastes 4:12

    We invite you to join our journey at: , and/or!/DOffertunity

    Glen Beck

  4. I love this topic!! This is an excellent description of how to be influential in social media; be an active contributor to others if you expect the same. A question: what tips can you share on how to find a relevant tribe in one’s faith based space? I’m excited to start the journey in learning more about tribes. Looking forward to reading part 2

  5. Hey thanks and yes, it helps to give more blog choices to read than just the one that shows up. Thanks for posting this. I saw your blog link from Blogging for God. I also wanted to comment to say that I stopped by.

  6. Hello Pastor Sherry. Do you currently have a ‘Tribe’ for Bloggers (I speak as a Blogger)
    I’m based in the UK and am a Christian Life Coach. I have a Blog within my Website. This is me –
    Promoting a “Christian Ministry” ( which is listed in your Articles of Interest. I’m looking to be part of a ‘Tribe’ and would love to hear back from you. Peter j Foster.

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