Guest Post: 9 Tips for creating a successful web presence

What every website must have to be successful by Bess Obarotimi

If you reading this it’s likely you want to increase the success of your site.  Before you continue reading the main points, pause for a moment and consider the exact reason you have a website in the first place.

More than likely it’s because you want to increase exposure of your products or services.  Most importantly you will want to drive sales.  Of course, that’s obvious.  But being sure of this will give the following points much more clarity as to their importance.

1. Call To Action
Having a website that tells the world what you do is not enough.  You need to tell the world what you want them to do.  On your home page at the very least, you should have a call to action.  Don’t make your visitors guess what you want them to do, tell them.  Call to actions include:

  • Start your job search now.
  • Click here to Sign Up for our newsletter.
  • Join our Community Today.
  • Buy our Product.
  • Download the ebook below.

Simple, punchy and effective.

2. Clear Navigation System
Your visitors should be able to easily find your navigation bar.  It must be simple and the headings must group the main themes of your site together.  It should allow your visitors to come back to the normal order of information once they have moved away from it whilst searching your site.

3. Social Media Links
Many people will actively seek out your social media buttons when they land on your webpage.  They want connect to your business on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and all other social media sites.  If you and your business has a social media account there should be a visible link on each page of your site.

4. Short and easy to read copy
Congratulations.  People were searching the internet looking for information and arrived at your carefully written article.  Out of all the possibilities they had, yours was chosen.  Now they want to get to the heart of the information, quickly and succinctly.  Most people will scan your article looking for main points and headings.  Make sure you include this in your copy.

5. Search Form
Beyond the information that you are presenting on each of your pages, there may be other information that your visitors may think is of use to them.  A search bar will not only help them do this but keep them on your site longer.  If your visitors spend more time on your site, it’s a good sign that your information is valuable to them.  More time spent on a web page means more interactions.  Research shows that the higher the number of interactions a visitor has on your site, the higher the likelihood of a sale.

6. About page or info
So your visitors have a clear understanding of what your company is about and it’s vision, provide an ‘About’ page or information. Sometimes visitors are interested in learning about the background of your company and what you have to offer them.  An about page will help build the brand.

7. Subscribe / Opt In
Love them or hate them, it’s a proven fact that newsletters work.  People will read emails you send them if it pertains to a particular need they have.  Set up a newsletter subscription, put a link on your site for people to opt in.  Next, send your subscribers regular updates of news and features.  It’ll keep your visitors coming back.

8. Contact
Should your readers need to get in touch with you for any reason, you’ll need to highlight your contact details on the site.  Visitors feel let down if it they cannot easily contact you.  They can lose trust in your company and its brand.

9. Testimonials
Help your visitors in making the decision to buy from site.  Where possible provide testimonials of work that you have done for previous clients. If you don’t have any testimonials yet, ask for them.  On the Internet people are always looking to find out what others thought of your product before they make a transaction.  Display your testimonials where they can be seen easily, like in a side bar.  You could also make it easy for customers to submit testimonies about the work that you have done for them.

With the above points in mind, remember that your site is not only a tool to get your message across but it should be an interactive medium between your company and customers. Implement measures to make each interaction interesting.

Bess Obarotimi is a SEO specialist and also the Creative Director of Christian chat site Follow her at on Twitter,!/OloriMag or connect with her on facebook,

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