Do you have a website?

This will be short and sweet, I am meeting up with a few Christian ladies who I met over Linkedin to critically analyse our websites.  The idea behind this is to get another perspective on the strengths and weaknesses of our website from an end user perspective and provide feedback to help us improve our user’s experience.

If you have a Kingdom business or a ministry website and would like to join us, there are some places left on the 11th  and 16th.

Here is the original post I sent out via Linkedin

I recently bumped into an old acquaintance who specialised in media advertising, I showed her my website (Shalom Candles) and she said that she loved the product but that the website wasn’t working effectively to attract and motivate my target audience to purchase anything. She gave me a few hints and tips, which I have to be honest felt like daggers to my heart but when I sat back and tried to be objective I could see the sense behind a lot of what she said.

A lot of the time God gives us a great idea and we put it out there and wait for people to find us, and they do, but the trickles are not enough.  Is there anything we can do whilst waiting for God to bring people our way?

I think there is, I put a recent discussion up in this group asking people to analyse my website, the one response I received back has helped me so much.  I am now more able to understand what my potential audience are seeing when they visit my site and this makes me more informed so I can make the right changes to make their visit more relevant and enjoyable for them.

My proposal
For all the people that want to join in the focus/active-learning group, I propose that we start with the task of analysing each others websites. I have downloaded Oovoo which I am told is much better than Skype (audio and visual calls), so how about this:

We focus on analysing the strengths and weaknesses of our sites and give points for improvements.

If you are interested in this, please send me your name, email address and website details by private reply, also please let me know who your target audience is. I will then pass on details of three different websites for you to analyse from those which have been sent to me. I hope to get enough responses for us to each have views from three different people. We can meet after the Holy week celebrations are complete (probably 11th or 16th of April) over Oovoo, currently I can conference with 11 other people but this will go down to 5 at the end of April (special offer). You can download Oovoo for free, when you have downloaded and installed the software please let me know and I’ll send you a friend request.

Please also let me know which date and time you prefer and your time-zone so I can find a day and time that suits us all.

Thanks so much, I know that this comment was a bit long and just in case I will send a private message to everyone who has shown interest previously.

Have a blessed day 🙂


2 thoughts on “Do you have a website?

  1. Sure I would be glad to join this group. I just got done tearing my two websites appart because of some research I have been doing so it would be good to get some freed back. Thanks for including me.

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