It’s all about His Kingdom, right?

I need to apologise in advance as this post may be lengthy, but I believe that if you read to the end you will be blessed no matter how small, so please stick with me.

Every believer faces this conflict at least once in their life, but I find that this  issue is more apparent whenever we decide to embark on ministry work or kingdom business.  What is this conflict?  Mammon vs. God.

Mammon is not just money as others would have us believe  as money in itself is not enough to replace God, Mammon is the spirit of the treasures of this world, that which is considered important and glorious in the eyes of the nations: money, status, fame, independence the list goes on.  We have been cleverly indoctrinated into the world’s systems, it’s norms, beliefs and ideals so that we accept that we need money to live, we desire to be independent and we want to be well regarded, where do we tend to get all of this from?  Our work.  The danger doesn’t lie so much in the fact that we need to live but more in in the  fact that after a while we may slowly become consumed by Mammon, when our desire for it merges and gradually begins to gain ground over our desire for God.  This is already happening within the church with prosperity teaching, particularly within churches that stem and originate from areas of extreme poverty and deprivation.  I have heard of church leaders saying many things, using and misusing the scripture to justify their beliefs from the not so innocent God wants us to have life in abundance (meaning God wants us to be stinking rich) to Jesus must have been really rich in order to feed 5000 people!  Right before our eyes the Word of God has been slowly transformed into the Word of Mammon.

I recall when God told me to leave my job, many people thought I was crazy, after all what’s the point of studying for 4 years and then working for 5 to just leave my job and laze about?  God would never ask let alone tell anyone to leave their job right?  In their eyes, my job gave me worth, without it I held very little worth or value to them.  And when I then decided to go into Kingdom business, they told me that it was impossible to run an ethical business, that I had to play according to the rules of the game if I wanted to be successful.  When I refused to accept that I couldn’t run a business on Kingdom principles they thought I was crazy, yes even other Christians did!

When Yeshua said that we can’t serve two masters, it wasn’t Him trying to be perverse or difficult, He was just being honest.  We can’t decide to  have all the trappings of the world and focus on acquiring it (the reason why many people decide to go into business and even ministry and open churches) whilst at the same time focusing your energy on God, it’s like trying to rub your tummy and pat your head at the same time!!!  Whenever, I’ve said this people look at me and say “so does that mean only poor people can enter into heaven?”  Well, the obvious answer is no that’s not what the Bible  teaches but it does say this:

  • everyone who enters into the Kingdom of Heaven will be poor in Spirit (matt 5: 3)
  • that it’s a lot easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich person to enter into heaven.

No, heaven is not the reserve of the poor but it is incredibly difficult for a rich person to enter into heaven, of those who do get there you can be guaranteed that they did not make Mammon their idol!  I do honestly believe that God wants His children not to suffer and to have good things, and He is more than happy and willing to provide us with them but it is our fleshly lusts and desires that prevent God from blessing us financially.  For God, the eternal destiny of our soul is much more important than living in the lap of luxury for 70 odd years.  When we say the Our Father and pray “lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil” what do we expect God to do, well if God knows that Mammon is a real temptation and evil for us, He’s not going to hand us over to it is He?

So where does it leave us as believers, who understand that in order to put bread in our mouth that we need to work?  (Click on page 2 to continue reading – scroll down a bit)


12 thoughts on “It’s all about His Kingdom, right?

    1. Thank you so much Shimshon, I am very honoured to have blessed you and for you to reblog this post; I know that this conflict is real and often very scary but we can’t simply push it under the carpet and act in denial. I’m hoping that it will challenge us all to measure ourselves more along God’s ruler of being, living and working and not man’s.


  1. I could not agree more. The fact that we as His forgiven children, through salvation in Jesus Christ, have an ultimate destination which is eternity with Him…well let me just say, the time here in earth is a “drop in the bucket…” (Isaiah 10). That’s ALL I need. He promises to provide for our needs and bless us abundantly within. Bless you!

    1. Hello friend, thank you for stopping by and I’m so glad that this post blessed you, writing it really ministered to me too. I pray that it sinks deep down into me so it becomes more than words or passion and transforms into action.

      Shalom to you

  2. This post brings up an age old struggle that many believers contend with. How do I reconcile making money with serving the Kingdom? My husband’s cousin is a very successful business man. He and his family are also devout Christians. They use their wealth to do mission trips around the world. They are the perfect example of being successful in the world but they SERVE God, not their wealth. It is a delicate balance but one that can be had. I think what it boils down to is – what are our motives? Is it to chase wealth just for the sake of having ‘stuff’ or is it to serve God? I have spent years seeking wealth. I’m now ready to seek God’s plan for my life. I know that when I do that, He will bless me and take care of my needs.

    1. Hi Kristina, thanks so much for dropping by. I think your husband’s cousin is a wonderful example that we should all try to model no matter what financial state we find ourselves in, what we can’t do with a little we definitely can’t do with a lot. As I said in my reply to Eva, I truly believe that God does want to bless us, if we are willing to follow Him and give our lives over to Him, and leave it all behind when He says so I really don’t see why He wouldn’t.


      Hoping to talk to you soon

  3. Florence thank you so much for mentioning JesusRx, and more so for your words of truth. Our prescription of the month is Finance. I will be posting a blog on “Finance” and I know it is no coincidence “we are on the same page” 🙂 I just did something this week after much prayer that a “business” person in there right mind would never have done. I am going to wait to see the Lords results. I will definetly share with you later. Our God is truly amazing and will always provide. I keep praying to be spiritually ready for whatever he brings in the business he has given me. Again your words are words of truth and encouragement! Thank you SO MUCH for your love for Jesus and the work he has set before us.

    1. Hi Eva, I’m so glad that this post could confirm what is happening with you. Hubby and I are also stepping out in faith on something that others will look askance at, but as you said our God is more than able to provide for us and I truly believes He wants to, if we can stir up enough courage to hang in there for the long haul. World, stand back His children are stepping through 🙂

      Will be thinking of you this month x

  4. I think Many people glance right over the words in Matt 6, where it says you can’t serve God and Mammon, I think people hear it, but they don’t have a real understanding of the spiritual implications and the reality that a person can be serving mammon and not God. Thanks for writing what needed to be said. God Bless you!

    1. Hello friend, I think you are right. It’s a shame for us all and says a lot about the state of the human condition, that we can still be in bondage and believe we are free. Back in Eden we had a perfect relationship with the earth, the earth brought forth it’s fullness for us, we did not need to work or strive, but with the curse came fear suddenly we all had to work, and some people found that the more you worked the more you got. People have learnt to trust in their own efforts and own work over God’s provision, we don’t fully accept that God has reversed the curse for us so that the earth will yield up it’s goodness for us, we willingly decide to remain under the curse by our lack of faith.

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