It’s all about His Kingdom, right?

I need to apologise in advance as this post may be lengthy, but I believe that if you read to the end you will be blessed no matter how small, so please stick with me.

Every believer faces this conflict at least once in their life, but I find that this  issue is more apparent whenever we decide to embark on ministry work or kingdom business.  What is this conflict?  Mammon vs. God.

Mammon is not just money as others would have us believe  as money in itself is not enough to replace God, Mammon is the spirit of the treasures of this world, that which is considered important and glorious in the eyes of the nations: money, status, fame, independence the list goes on.  We have been cleverly indoctrinated into the world’s systems, it’s norms, beliefs and ideals so that we accept that we need money to live, we desire to be independent and we want to be well regarded, where do we tend to get all of this from?  Our work.  The danger doesn’t lie so much in the fact that we need to live but more in in the  fact that after a while we may slowly become consumed by Mammon, when our desire for it merges and gradually begins to gain ground over our desire for God.  This is already happening within the church with prosperity teaching, particularly within churches that stem and originate from areas of extreme poverty and deprivation.  I have heard of church leaders saying many things, using and misusing the scripture to justify their beliefs from the not so innocent God wants us to have life in abundance (meaning God wants us to be stinking rich) to Jesus must have been really rich in order to feed 5000 people!  Right before our eyes the Word of God has been slowly transformed into the Word of Mammon.

I recall when God told me to leave my job, many people thought I was crazy, after all what’s the point of studying for 4 years and then working for 5 to just leave my job and laze about?  God would never ask let alone tell anyone to leave their job right?  In their eyes, my job gave me worth, without it I held very little worth or value to them.  And when I then decided to go into Kingdom business, they told me that it was impossible to run an ethical business, that I had to play according to the rules of the game if I wanted to be successful.  When I refused to accept that I couldn’t run a business on Kingdom principles they thought I was crazy, yes even other Christians did!

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Pray for God to hand the people who need YOU over to you. Read this post and be blessed.

master of life in earth, sky and sea

My ministry is to the people of the Middle East and North Africa and basically that means I determine to reach those who speak Arabic, Farsi or Turkish languages.

I have been doing this now for almost a year and a half.

It dawned on me this morning, that in my call to serve these people with the gospel of Jesus Christ, that I might have been going about this the wrong way.  Running forward with my call, I think I have failed to ask God to give me these people, that is, open the doors so that the gospel penetrates their hearts and souls – that His Word does not come back void.

A friend and I have been talking.  We want to somehow find a way to have 1 million people world-wide praying for these people, around the clock.  We also know that 6o million…

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On finding the people who need YOU

One of the hardest things when starting off in ministry (this includes business that God has called you to do) is to find people who need what you are offering, I believe that this is why many believers end up frustrated, uncertain, giving up or even compromising.  I’ve read quite a few articles which give you ‘strategies’ to get customers etc. but all of these are based on worldly business strategies.  Should God’s set-apart ones follow worldly strategies to build a business, charity or social enterprise?

One issue that I have had to face in ministry/business is working out exactly what it is I’m providing, if you read my last post entitled ‘On when to start your ministry you will notice that I tried many things which failed because I had no idea what it was that I was actually supposed to be doing.  I was looking for that ‘niche’ that would set me apart from others, and so I turned to the Dummies Guide for Business and other such like Business reference books to get ideas on how to find my niche.  It was a long process before I found out that I was going about things the wrong way, just because I thought that an idea was great or that I believed people really needed what I had, it didn’t make the idea fool-proof.  There is only one thing that guarantees success when doing God’s work (yes, of course God) but actually it’s YOUContinue reading